Atube Catcher 5.1 Crack + Serial Number Free Download [2023]

Atube Catcher 5.1 Crack emerges as a versatile and powerful video downloader and converter that caters to the diverse needs of users. With its seamless video downloading, multiple format support, audio extraction, video conversion, screen recording, and batch processing capabilities, aTube Catcher transforms the way we interact with online video content.


Embrace the convenience of YouTube Catcher to effortlessly download, convert, and manage online videos. Whether you’re a student, a content creator, or an avid video consumer, aTube Catcher empowers you to enjoy videos on your terms, regardless of internet connectivity or compatibility issues.

In today’s digital age, online videos have become an integral part of our lives. Whether it’s educational content, entertainment, or tutorials, videos have the power to captivate and inform us like never before. However, accessing and saving these videos for offline viewing can be a challenge. This is where Tube Catcher steps in as a versatile solution. Developed by DsNET Corp., aTube Catcher is an all-in-one video downloader and converter that empowers users to effortlessly download, convert, and manage online videos. In this blog, we’ll delve into the features and benefits of YouTube Catcher and how it transforms the way we interact with online video content.

Atube Catcher 5.1 Crack + Serial Number Free Download [2023]

Atube Catcher 5.1 Crack is feature-rich software designed to simplify the process of downloading and converting online videos. Whether you’re looking to save videos for offline viewing, extract audio tracks, or convert media files into different formats, YouTube Catcher has you covered. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive functionalities, this tool is suitable for both casual users and those seeking advanced video manipulation capabilities.

One of the standout features of Tube Catcher is its ability to download videos from various online platforms. Whether it’s YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or countless other websites, Tube Catcher allows users to effortlessly download videos with just a few clicks. This is particularly useful for those who want to watch videos offline, in areas with limited internet connectivity, or while traveling.

Tube Catcher offers an array of video formats for downloading and conversion. Users can choose from popular formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, and more, ensuring compatibility with their preferred devices and media players. Beyond video downloading, Tube Catcher allows users to extract audio tracks from videos and save them as standalone audio files. This feature is perfect for creating music playlists, podcasts, or even custom ringtones for your mobile devices.

Atube Catcher Crack + Serial Key Free Download

The software also excels at video conversion. Users can convert videos from one format to another, making it easy to adapt content for various devices or platforms. This versatility is especially valuable for content creators and those who need to tailor videos to specific requirements. YouTube Catcher goes beyond downloading and conversion by offering a built-in screen recording feature. Users can capture their screen activities, whether it’s a tutorial, gaming session, or live streaming content, and save them as a video file.

For those dealing with multiple videos, YouTube Catcher offers batch-processing capabilities. Users can queue up multiple videos for downloading or conversion, saving time and effort by managing each video individually. Tube Catcher’s user-friendly interface ensures that users of all technical levels can navigate and utilize the software’s functionalities without difficulty. The straightforward design streamlines the downloading and conversion process, even for those who are less experienced with video editing tools.

The software provides users with customization options for video and audio settings. Users can adjust parameters like resolution, bit rate, and frame rate to achieve the desired output quality for downloaded or converted videos. DsNET Corp. is committed to enhancing Tube Catcher’s performance and compatibility. The software receives regular updates to ensure it remains compatible with the latest online platforms and offers an optimal user experience.


Key Features:

  • Video downloading from various online platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion
  • Multiple formats are supported for downloading and converting videos, including MP4, AVI, and WMV.
  • Audio extraction to save audio tracks as standalone audio files.
  • Video conversion for adapting content to different formats and devices.
  • Screen recording feature to capture screen activities and save them as video files.
  • Batch processing capabilities for queuing up multiple videos for downloading or conversion
  • User-friendly interface designed for users of all technical levels.
  • Customization options for adjusting video and audio settings
  • Regular software updates to ensure compatibility with the latest online platforms.
  • Versatility that caters to students, content creators, and video enthusiasts for various needs.

System Requirements:

Operating System:

  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions)


  • 1 GHz or faster processor.


  • 512 MB of RAM or higher.

Hard Disk Space:

  • 100 MB of free disk space for installation

Additional Requirements:

  • Active internet connection for downloading and accessing online videos.
  • Adobe Flash Player is installed to support video streaming and downloading.
  • For the screen recording feature, DirectX 9.0c or later is required.
  • For converting videos, certain codecs might be required based on the selected output formats.
  • Multimedia hardware (microphone, speakers) if using the screen recording feature
  • The specific requirements may vary depending on the version of Tube Catcher and its updates. Always refer to the official documentation for the most accurate and up-to-date system requirements before installing the software.

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