Gather Proxy Premium 12.8 Cracked with Key and Proxy List Free Download

Gather Proxy Premium 12.8 Cracked with Key and Proxy List Free Download

Gather Proxy Premium Cracked is an easy-to-use software that allows users to use servers and proxy socks. It provides detailed information about the country, time, level, and other things. The important thing is, it doesn’t allow your network operators to track your identity. Likewise, it leaves no trace in the Windows registry or on a local drive. The tool is quite simple to copy any storage device as well as a USB stick.

Gather Proxy Premium Crack has a simple UI and a straightforward screen. It provides information related to the proxy within a few seconds. Also, this proxy grabber software is a lightweight Windows utility that can easily collect proxy and socks. As it’s portable, it leaves no trace. Besides, you can choose the proxy server for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera & even Firefox.


Gather Proxy Premium Crack is a simple and portable software that helps users to create a proxy server and socks lists while giving data about proxy server, last update, country and time. This proxy tool is a lightweight Windows utility program that allows you to collect proxy servers and socks data.

In addition, the program delivers free proxy list, free proxy server list, free socks, web proxy list as well as unblocked websites. Similarly, it also provides the most reliable proxy server list, socks and web proxies.

Download Gather Proxy Premium Crack Plus Key

Gather Proxy Crack Download doesn’t add new Registry entries or change existing items. The functional UI is very well organized, although it combines a large number of options. Users can decide what type of data they should collect. This data can be of socks list or proxy server. Gatherproxy Singapore proxy hides your identity and lets you surf the web anonymously.

Also, you can enter a distinct URL from where the tool may collect information, import and export a proxy list from a file stored on your hard drive. Similarly, it can paste the proxy data from the clipboard or start and stop the current task. Listed proxies are updated every second. If you want a simple solution to collect details concerning proxy servers and socks, then this program is the best tool for you.

This application can easily search and make a database with free public proxy servers for later usage. GatherProxy 9.5 Cracked utility collects data related to free proxy servers on the internet which might be used to cloak internet connectivity.

Download GatherProxy Cracked

GatherProxy Cracked declares to be a good app that comes with a complete suite of tools. Although it may appear more suitable to expert users, rookies can configure the dedicated parameters with least effort. You can download this proxy collector from the below link.

Gather Proxy Premium Crack is one of the best utility tools that offer free proxy by country, anonymity level, uptime, response time as well as a port. The program gives a variety of high-quality proxy servers list. These proxies can be tracked all the time, ensures that you can surf or browse with a list of fresh proxies.


Gather Proxy Premium Key Features

Proxy by country: Every proxy server is always linked with its IP addresses. It provides more than 30 proxy for each country.

Proxy by port: For a proxy server, you need IP address as well as the port. Proxy Graber Premium 9.0 Cracked offers proxy lists and almost all the accessible ports such as 80, 8080, 3128, 3127 as well as 3124 for the proxy server.

Anonymous proxy: It provides fake IP through a proxy server. So you can browse the internet without any issues.

Web proxy list: Gather Proxy Premium Cracked provides many web proxy lists such as Glype, PHProxy and CGIProxy.

Socks list: It supports socks4 as well as socks5 which is safer and faster.

My IP: Also, this software allows you to view your IP address and proxy with a precise location.

GatherProxy Embed plugin: GatherProxy 3128 offers fresh proxy servers. With the help of this proxy gather tool, you can embed in a webpage using the iframe tag. Likewise, Embed page shows a new proxy server list with filter options.

Proxy Scraper: Proxy Scraper tool allows you to collect millions of HQ proxies easily. Furthermore, it can filter and check proxies.

Additional Features

  • Gather Proxy Checker: It offers a proxy checker that will check as well as filter millions of high-quality proxies and socks.
  • Gatherproxy USA: GatherProxy USA allows you to browse the internet anonymously from all around the world. USA proxy doesn’t allow your internet operators to trace your internet activities. You can also download the other network and proxy tools from PiratesFile.
  • Provides proxies with a smart method for google search forum, website address, and harvest proxies
  • Filtered proxies as well as links with more proxies
  • Scraper harvests thousands of proxies.
  • URL expression feature
  • Thousands of fresh proxies from over 300 number of websites
  • Also, it provides an address on one line
  • This tool is compact and saves your memory resources for PC
  • Works on firefox or internet explorer and google chrome
  • Smart Filtering
  • Gather Proxy Premium Cracked provides user-defined proxy servers
  • Saves proxy server to the Clipboard
  • Furthermore, using Gather Proxy Premium Key users can access geo-blocked websites by connecting to different proxy server lists. It is more ideal when you want to capture details about a proxy or IP address.
  • Https and FTP servers
  • Automatically save and set the selected proxy

Gather Proxy System Requirements

Operating System

  • Supports Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 as well as Windows 10

RAM Memory

  • 512 MB of memory (RAM) required


  • Support 1.2 GHz processor or higher


  • Supports 1024×768 display resolution

Hard Drive

How to Install Gather Proxy Premium Cracked?


Download GatherProxy Premium Cracked with Key and Proxy List Free From Below Links…

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  1. Bruce says:

    Hi. Thanks for free download. I just downloaded the Gather proxy software but it’s not installing properly, it says it’s checking for updates. I know you said do not update or upgrade which I never did. Do you have a solution for this problem?
    Thank you.

    • SanaFile says:

      1- after installing the software, try not to open it. Then open the crack folder and copy the crack files and paste them to the installation directory (where you downloaded the software). if this method is not working then the below method
      2- Install the software and generate proxy lists.

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    Amazing work

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