SendTo Menu Editor 1.3 Crack Free Download Full Version for PC

SendTo Menu Editor 1.3 Crack stands as an essential utility for Windows users seeking complete control over their “SendTo” context menu. With its effortless customization, drag-and-drop functionality, categorization, backup and restore options, and user-friendly interface, SendTo Menu Editor empowers users to streamline their file management and enhance productivity.

SendTo Menu Editor crack

Embrace the power of the SendTo Menu Editor to create a personalized and efficient “SendTo” menu, saving time and optimizing your file management experience. Whether you’re a professional managing multiple destinations or a home user seeking quick access to frequently used folders and applications, SendTo Menu Editor is the key to customizing your “SendTo” menu and elevating your file management to new heights.

In the digital era, where file management is an integral part of our daily computing tasks, having efficient tools to streamline this process is invaluable. Windows users often find themselves utilizing the “SendTo” context menu to quickly transfer files to different destinations or applications. However, the default options in the “SendTo” menu may not always cater to individual needs. Enter SendTo Menu Editor, a versatile and user-friendly utility developed by NirSoft designed to empower Windows users with complete control over their “SendTo” context menu.

SendTo Menu Editor 1.3 Crack Free Download Full Version for PC

SendTo Menu Editor is free software developed by the reputable NirSoft, renowned for its collection of small and efficient tools for Windows users. With the SendTo Menu Editor, users gain the power to customize the “SendTo” context menu, tailoring it to their specific requirements. This easy-to-use utility provides a seamless way to add or remove destinations and applications from the “SendTo” menu, ensuring a more personalized and efficient file management experience.

The default “SendTo” menu in Windows offers a limited selection of destinations, such as the Desktop, Documents folder, and external storage drives. The SendTo Menu Editor elevates this functionality by enabling users to effortlessly customize the “SendTo” menu according to their preferences. Users can add frequently used folders, applications, or network locations, making it quick and convenient to send files to their desired locations.

One of the standout features of the SendTo Menu Editor is its user-friendly interface. The software provides a straightforward layout that makes it accessible to users of all technical backgrounds. The intuitive design ensures that even novice users can easily navigate the software and customize their “SendTo” menu with ease.

SendTo Menu Editor 1.3 Crack Free Download Full Version for PC

The SendTo Menu Editor simplifies the customization process further by offering drag-and-drop functionality. Users can add folders or applications to the “SendTo” menu by simply dragging them from Windows Explorer and dropping them onto the software’s interface. This intuitive feature eliminates the need for complex configurations, allowing for instant customization.

To enhance organization and efficiency, the SendTo Menu Editor introduces the concept of categories for “SendTo” items. Users can group related destinations or applications into categories, creating a more organized and intuitive “Send To” menu. This categorization feature saves time by reducing clutter and making it easier to find the desired destination or application.

With the ability to customize the “SendTo” menu, users might be concerned about accidentally removing or altering crucial items. The SendTo Menu Editor addresses this concern by providing backup and restore options.

SendTo Menu Editor 1.3 Crack Free Download Full Version for PC

SendTo Menu Editor is a portable application, meaning it does not require installation. Users can run the software directly from a USB drive or any folder on their computer, making it a convenient tool for on-the-go file management.

As a lightweight utility, SendTo Menu Editor consumes minimal system resources, ensuring that it does not impact the overall performance of your computer. Its efficient algorithms enable fast customization of the “SendTo” menu, saving users valuable time.

NirSoft, the developer of SendTo Menu Editor, is committed to providing regular updates to address any issues and improve functionality. Additionally, the developer offers dedicated support to assist users with any questions or technical queries they may have.

Key Features:

  • Effortless customization of the “SendTo” context menu in Windows
  • Add frequently used folders, applications, or network locations to the “SendTo” menu.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and customization.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for instant addition of items to the “SendTo” menu
  • Organize “SendTo” items with categories for improved organization and efficiency.
  • Backup and restore options safeguard the original “SendTo” menu configuration.
  • Portable application, requiring no installation for on-the-go file management.
  • Lightweight and fast performance, consuming minimal system resources.
  • Regular updates for continuous improvement and bug fixes
  • Dedicated support from the developer for prompt assistance and guidance

System Requirements:

Operating System:

  • Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows Server (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions).


  • 1 GHz or faster processor.


  • 256 MB of RAM or higher.

Hard Disk Space:

  • 10 MB of free disk space.

Additional Requirements:

  • SendTo Menu Editor is designed for Windows operating systems and does not support macOS or Linux.
  • An internet connection is not required, as the software operates offline.

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